09 Jul

To do a juice cleanse or not?

I recently did a one-day juice cleanse by the Raw Pressery and also wrote about it here. I received some queries by readers whether a juice cleanse is a viable solution to weight loss, increased cholesterol, or uncontrolled diabetes. Unfortunately, it is not.
This is what a juice cleanse can do for you
• Give your system a break from junk food, processed foods, overcooked food
• Give you a good dose of vitamins and minerals [good for skin, hair, immunity] for a day
• Introduce you to a healthy/clean way of eating
• Help you tune in to hunger/appetite signals of your body
Juice cleanses can make you feel great for a day [ or even 1-2 days after] but don’t expect miracles. Besides, any ‘lifestyle’ disease like obesity or diabetes will require a ‘lifestyle’ makeover.
Doing a juice cleanse or any detox diet is a good way to jump start your healthy eating habits. But you can’t do it to compensate for all the other days that you eat unhealthy.
What’s a better alternatives to detox/ cleansing diets?
Yes, instead of having 7 -8 glasses of juice on one day, like you would in a cleanse, have one glass of juice daily. So you can juice 2-3 of the following in any combination you like: spinach/kale/cucumber/bottle gourd/mint/ tomatoes/beet. Add some rock salt/ chaat masala/ lemon juice to improve the taste. Have it freshly prepared. It’s best to have this in the morning or when your stomach is relatively empty eg: evening instead of tea.

What to do if you have no time to make juice?


Very simple–Have salad with both your meals or as a snack

You can combine fruits and vegetables to make a salad. For eg: grapes, apples, oranges, pomegranate, watermelon can be added to your regular vegetable salad.

Add almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds to the salad for protein and good fats.

To make it protein rich, add some cubes of paneer or boiled sprouts/ lentils to your salad and you’re sorted.