30 Nov

Be thankful for everything, even your medicines

There are some who enjoy taking medicines—it gives them a feeling of being in control and a sense of security. This post is about the rest of us who are never happy about popping pills or taking injections.

Sometimes we have no alternative. Perhaps it is unbearable pain, or an acute condition that requires you to take some medicines. Or may be you are suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes, high BP, thyroid and so on, for which you need pop a few pills. Some people continue taking medicines only out of fear—because their doctor, while prescribing, warned about the repercussions of not taking them. Then there are those who have tried alternative modalities before finally giving in to the medicines.

Whichever category you belong to, if you have to take the help of medicines to keep your body going, you might as well do it happily. It does not matter if you are taking one tablet or 10, resenting it will only add to your stress and put more pressure on your body. Remember, any kind of stress makes it more difficult for the body to heal, or reverse, any disease.

Often, we change our diet and lifestyle in the hope that our our health improves. But the effects of these measures take time and may not be apparent immediately. So, you need your medicines at least till the time your body begins to function optimally without them. Patience usually pays off. Until then, you could practise a simple ritual.

From now on, whenever before you pop your pills or prepare to take your insulin dose, just pause for a moment and affirm to yourself silently or aloud:

 “This medicine supports my body in the perfect way that it needs to right now. My body is healing itself.”

After this, take your medicines with a feeling of gratitude. Because, these medicines are supporting you and your body until the time you are strong enough to not need them.