01 Sep

Give your body some time to heal

“The overuse of prescription drugs provides a vacation from personal responsibility.” ~ Bruce Lipton

Not just the overuse, I would say, often even the use of prescription drugs does the same. When a symptom comes ups, I advice patients to not rush to pop a pill.
Every bout of slight fever does not require a fever medicine.
Every ache does not require a pain-killer. Every sore throat or cough does not require an antibiotic.
Just giving your body rest, nutritious food and hydration, suffices to make the symptoms go away, in most cases. But not everyone has the patience for that.
Often when I tell some patients that they do not need any medicine yet, I get a look that says, “You’re a doctor, then why don’t you give me medicine?!!” Some of us are on a permanent vacation from taking responsibility for our health. We love giving away all the power to the doctor. It’s the easier way out .
Hope that’s not what you are doing.

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