Wellness Retreats

These are not to miss events.

Our retreats venues are always amidst nature- providing all premier amenities, yet ensuring that the participants are cut off from the distractions of modern life and immersed in an ambiance of Wellness, Comfort, Health and Healing. Without the laptop, mobile phone, newspaper and TV. These retreats are organised in association with Complete Wellbeing magazine and their team of experts [Nutritionists, Counsellors and Yoga experts are involved in the planning and execution of these events]

This gives the participant sufficient time to:

  • Be by themselves and just unwind and relax
  • Consult specialists on health and lifestyle issues
  • Create a wellness plan for themselves with the help of experts, that they follow when they are back in their homes and office
  • Bond better with their colleagues in a relaxed environment
  • Doing yoga and meditation together as a team is a fun way of learning more about each other
  • While at the retreat, participants can also Buddy with each other, depending on their fitness and motivation levels. Then they can continue to motivate each other even when they are back from the retreat and encourage each other to reach their fitness goals.
  • Follow up sessions to a retreat are conducted in your office premises to track how the participants are fairing and provide any guidance or advice if required.

Wellness Retreats are an amazing way for your employees to unwind, relax and reconnect better- both, with themselves as well as with each other.


 Wow !! What a retreat it was.  Away from the stress , technology and monotonous life that we lead in the city. It was actually a treat, not only to the body but to the soul who we tend to disregard unintentionally.  Before joining the retreat , I had promised myself to take a path that will lead to attainment and self evolution. So I am happy that with retreat happening my resolve only became stronger . Self contentment/being happy or being sad – the choice is ours. Retreat has only refreshed my mind on how important it is to keep our MIND happy. 2 days of Yoga, pranayam, meditation have helped to maintain a calm composure and to be aware. I can definitely feel the change. I feel traveling is the biggest hassle especially for the people  who use public transport in Mumbai ,keeping the calm and composure during that time is highly essential to keep the energy flowing throughout the day  .. Being aware of the Deep breathing practices or one minute meditation or just focusing deep inside is helping me personally since I am able to remain happy . Another thing is even if I slip into a negative phase , I am able to jump back into the positive frequency. Next best thing happened is the Food. How I used to disrespect my body by hogging into anything that i get just for the pleasure of tongue. Now even after two weeks, I have control on what I eat and feel very contented. Thanks and cheers to the wonderful team who helped me in understanding the right path. Hope to keep the momentum alive throughout the life. − Ranjita Nair, participant at Mindfulness Yoga Retreat

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